The MD program at the College of Medicine at Rockford provides intensive academic and comprehensive clinical training for students during their second, third and fourth years of medical school. Students spend their M1 year at the Urbana-Champaign campus to take their basic science and laboratory courses, then transfer to Rockford for their remaining three years of medical training.                                   

Throughout the duration of the MD program, students receive instruction from our highly acclaimed faculty through a balance of classroom discussions, lectures, laboratory work and hands-on clinical experience. Beginning in their M2 year, students start their clinical training through clerkships in one of our three University primary care clinics (UPCCs) working closely with our physician preceptors. In the only program of its type nationwide, our clerkships give students direct interaction with patients, and by the M4 year, each student is responsible for the care of 75-100 local families.

Rural Medical Education Program (RMED)

Our RMED program is offered as a supplement to the MD curriculum. Students in this program track are exposed to rural issues throughout their four years of medical school, participating in seminars, field trips and other assignments that focus on rural healthcare, family medicine and community-oriented primary care techniques. During the M4 year, RMED students engage in a 16-week preceptorship in a rural Illinois community.


The College of Medicine at Rockford also offers a residency program in family medicine that has become known for its training for both ambulatory and hospital care, with a particular emphasis in obstetrics.


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Rural Medical Education Program
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