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Curriculum: PGY I

Family Medicine Inpatient Service — 3 Blocks
Responsibility for inpatient care of FHC and primary care clinic patients including pediatric patients.
General medicine patients who represent a typical family physician’s service
Daily rounds with senior resident and attendings
Supervised by senior resident and family medicine directors
Attend deliveries for newborn resuscitation

Obstetrics — 2 blocks
Delivery of greater than 25 to 35 obstetrical patients per two months with experience in using forceps and vacuum extraction
Interaction between third year medical students and residents on this service
Fetal monitoring and ultrasound training
Managing role with maternal-fetal medicine in complex patients
Deliveries supervised by family physicians and obstetricians with on-site laborists 24/7 as back-up
Continuity of care in FHC with OB participating in quality outpatient improvement audits
ALSO certified in first year
High risk patients managed by residents and attendings

Newborn Nursery/NICU — 1 block
Work with neonatologists in Level II with exception nursery
Largest OB delivery volume of area hospitals
Experience in resuscitation of neonates, including C-section deliveries, operative deliveries, fetal distress
NRP certified in first year and recertification third year
Opportunity to do umbilical vein and artery catherization, lumbar puncture
Follow lactation specialists postpartum

Inpatient Pediatrics — 1 block
Regional hospital for inpatient pediatrics
Hospitalist pediatricians as well as attending staff
Curricular focus on infectious and respiratory diseases

Ambulatory Pediatrics — 1 block
Extensive outpatient work with University pediatricians
Curricular focus on immunizations and well child care

Surgery — 1 block
One-on-one service with a teaching surgeon
Emphasis on pre-op and post-op diagnosis and care in surgeon’s office
Acquisition of technical skills—suturing, emergency surgical stabilization techniques and management of fluids, electrolytes, nutrition and pain control
Opportunity for intubation
Outpatient ambulatory surgery—exposure to outpatient procedures
Inpatient and outpatient wound care visits
Develop pre-op evaluation skills

Renal — 1 block
Supervised management of fluid and electrolyte disturbances in hospitalized patients with impaired renal functions
Caring for patients on dialysis with associated complications and comorbitities

Emergency Medicine/Radiology — 1 block
Application of ATLS and ACLS principles Participate in hospital code blues
Hands-on wound suturing experience
Evaluate and treat emergency patients including trauma and severe illness
Supervision by certified emergency physicians
Review daily hospital imaging studies with a radiologist

Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Surgery — 1 block
Joint injections, workshops, fracture reduction, splints and casting
Work with orthopedic surgeon and board certified sports and family medicine physician
Opportunity to attend local high school sports events as on-site physicians

Endocrinology is a required PGY-I rotation comprised of four weeks. Residents gain experience in the evaluation and management of common endocrine and metabolic disorders under the supervision of an endocrinologist at the Rockford Joslin Diabetes Center which is affiliated with OSF Saint Anthony and the OFS inpatient service.

University Family Health Center
First-year residents spend two half-days per week in the office and see four to six patients per session
Supervision by board-certified family medicine preceptors
Videotaping and case reviews done regularly
Emphasis on health maintenance and patient-centered care

*Curriculum is subject to revision by the American Board of Family Medicine and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).