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Deborah Lischwe, M.S., Associate Director for Health Systems Research – Deborah Lischwe leads a group of three social science researchers based in HSR. She has extensive background and expertise in community health, demographics, health systems organization, and program evaluation. In recent years, she has assisted more than a dozen county health departments with multi-sector “healthy community” studies. Among her specialty areas are community health status assessments, survey research, and program evaluation. She has worked at Health Systems Research since 2002.

Lischwe earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati in Community Health with dual emphases in health planning and epidemiology. Her graduate study was the outgrowth of Peace Corps work and breast cancer screening and epidemiology research. Prior to her present position, Lischwe worked as the planning director for a hospital/health system in northeast Iowa and as a regional health planner in eastern Virginia.

Research Services:
• Community health assessments and needs
• Health disparities
• Survey research
• County and small area prevalence estimates, incidence rates and other health indicators
• Consultation on health-related activities

Michelle Bunyer, M.A., Information Services Specialist – Michelle Bunyer, M.A., is an Information Services Specialist. Over the past 16 years at HSR, her work has focused on community surveys, community data analysis, and after school program evaluation. She has experience with coordinating multi-site data collection, managing large data sets related to survey information, and compiling and describing data from state and national data sources. Currently, she provides evaluation assistance to several after school program providers across the state. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children. Prior to joining Health Systems Research, she coordinated studies at the Rush Institute on Aging in Chicago focused on the impact of caregiving on Alzheimer’s disease patients’ families and nutrition in an older adult community population.

Research Services:
• After school program outcomes evaluation
• Survey research
• Community data analysis
• Community needs assessments

James A. Powers, Jr., L.C.S.W., Research Data Specialist – James Powers’ work at Health Systems Research concentrates on program evaluation and needs assessments for mental health services. His recent projects include assessments for Mental Health 708 Boards in DeKalb County, Oak Park, and Hanover Township, and evaluation for the children’s mental health system of care operating in Carroll, Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside Counties.

Before joining HSR, Powers served in professional and administrative capacities for various not-for-profit organizations that involved counseling/family services, employee assistance, hospital outpatient psychiatry, services for child abuse/neglect, and child development and disability services. He now serves or has served on numerous local not-for-profit and foundation boards.