Left to right: Teighan Thompson, M1; Angelica Mangahas, M2; Amber Lopez, M2; Archana Khadilkar, MBT; Poojhaa Shanmugam, MBT; Christian Alfonso, M4; Elizabeth Okyne, P3; Gabriel Tankersly, P2; Raquel Ortiz, P2; Will Graft, M4; and Anne Zuba MSW, LCSW, Student Health and Wellness Counselor. Not pictured: Chas Young, M4; Noel Pycior, MS, FNP-BC, Director of Student Health and Wellness; and Co-Chair Stephanie Williams, MS, Director, Academic Strategies.


The Student Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC) is a student organization affiliated with the Student Health and Wellness on the University of Illinois Chicago Health Sciences Campus-Rockford. This organization provides a student perspective to the director, Noel Pycior MS, FNP-BC, the clinic staff, and our student affairs campus representatives. This serves to advance the quality of care and activities available to all of our Rockford health sciences students.

Mission Statement

The Student Health and Wellness Advisory Committee strives to support and optimize the health and wellness experiences of our diverse health sciences student population. We envision that the campus community continues to recognize health and wellness as an integral part of success and fosters a safe environment that supports all aspects of the student experience on campus.

Healthy students will make up healthy providers. We work to support and enhance the long-term emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health of all UIC Health Sciences Campus-Rockford students.

Our Interests

  • Educate, provide and connect students to health, mental health and wellness resources on and off campus.
  • Educate our campus leaders, faculty and staff on the services we offer students, thereby increasing the ability for faculty and staff to have the proper resources/tools to assist/refer students in times of need.
  • Collaborate across campus to empower students, staff, faculty and administration to support all students in their holistic health and wellness needs.

Participation and Commitment

The UIC Student Health and Wellness Committee will meet seven to eight times a year, with the possibility of volunteer or outreach opportunities during the semester.  You can anticipate that meetings will be during the following months:  September, October, November, January, February, March and April.  They will take place on campus from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays.  Details will follow.

To remain committed, we ask that students interested in the organization commit to attending each meeting as scheduled, and with no more than one absence.


Chair: Noel M Pycior, MS, FNP-BC

Co-Chair(s): Stephanie Williams, MS, and Stephanie Calato, MS, LCPC

Director: Noel M Pycior, MS, FNP-BC