Phase One – The Core. – ERN

The thoroughness of the physical exam is to be Balanced With efficiency. From the crown of their head Down to the nail of their great toe. I am a novice. I run through the list in my head before I sleep We practice on each other, breezing through the exam Expecting that we [...]

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Friends of Your Taste Buds – Oats

Oats by Mwangi Wamaina Salutations, friends. Illinois is a land towered by maple trees, basswood, hickory, oak, dogwood, ash, and the ever-constant evergreens1; it is a land where tree squirrels climb, Eastern cottontail rabbits jump, coyotes scout for deer, muskrats salivate for vegetables, elk calmly stroll, opossums forage for food, and nine-banded armadillos quietly go [...]

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By Ellen Reter Bulging, the pseudopod extends, cilia pulsing to propel the massive white blood cell through the jumbled circulatory system. It stretches and retracts, reaching out to gently brush against its neighbors—seeking, searching, identifying—before pulling away once more. Aimless, it wanders its domain, squeezing through dams, through beating waterfalls of fluid pressing it farther, [...]

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Professional Humanity

by Shivali ShuklaThe day prior, I watched a funeral procession glide past me, my own tires trailing slowly behind. All those cars, each with someone mourning the loss of a person they once knew. How many of those people actually knew the one they lost? Actually understood what their experience with life had been like, [...]

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When “Sarap!” is All I Know

By Emily Nepomuceno A Filipino breakfast, with Kamatis, tomatoes, chopped and swimming in Suka, vinegar A perfect match for my Bangsilog, it’s Milkfish, rice, and eggs. It’s One bite and I'm Home Adobo, lumpia, pansit palabok, dinuguan, pinakbet Let me give you the grand tour of my mother's kitchen Leche flan, brazo de [...]

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