Employee Health Services

Located on the UIC Health Sciences Campus-Rockford, Employee Health Services provides pre-employment health clearances, is responsible for ensuring staff and faculty are in compliance with any required health related screenings and vaccinations, and manages any blood-borne pathogen exposures. In addition, they manage COVID-19 testing, isolation, quarantine, return-to-work authorizations, exposures, and travel requirements for all College of Medicine Rockford employees.

Blood-borne pathogen exposure

Please report your injury/exposure per your departmental policy, complete the work-related injury paperwork, and contact Employee Health Services at 815-395-5789 or [email protected].

COVID-19 Information for UIC Employees in Rockford

Do not come to campus or report to your work location if you are having any COVID-19 related symptoms, no matter how minor you think they may be.

  • The symptoms we may experience in a breakthrough case of COVID-19 when vaccinated are similar to symptoms in the unvaccinated but are generally milder. The mild illness, “slight cold/allergies,” could be COVID-19.

Contact Employee Health Services for evaluation at [email protected]. You may also call (815) 395-5789 (the office number will route to Patricia Monaghan’s cell phone so it can be used at any time. Please leave a message if you get her voicemail and she will return your call as soon as possible). COVID-19 testing is available, by appointment, through Employee Health Services. In the meantime, you should quarantine at home and contact your UIC supervisor. You may not report back to work until you have been cleared by Employee Health Services.

Exposure: If a member of your household is positive for COVID-19 do not report to campus or your work location. Contact Employee Health Services at [email protected]. For all other exposures please contact Employee Health Services for determination. Quarantine for non-household exposure is based on vaccination status and exposure details.

If you are traveling out of Illinois for more than 24 hours, please email [email protected] with the information below. They will work with you to determine if you will require travel-related quarantine upon return.

    • Travel location
    • Travel dates
    • Vaccination status

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides valuable resources for support and information during difficult times. The EAP is free, voluntary, and confidential program, that provides problem identification, counseling, and referral services for employees and their covered dependent regardless of the health plan chosen.

Your Team

Patricia Monaghan, BSN, RN
Patricia Monaghan, BSN, RNDirector of Employee Health Services-Rockford Region, Clinical Educator
Rocio Ocampo-Sanchez, AAS, CMA
Rocio Ocampo-Sanchez, AAS, CMACertified Medical Assistant