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Manorama M Khare, PhD, MS

Research Associate Professor, Director Division of Health Research and Evaluation University of Illinois College of Medicine RockfordDivision of Health Research and Evaluation; Department of Family and Community Medicine
Work 1601 Parkview Avenue Rockford IL 61107 Work Phone: 815-395-5762
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Biographical Info

Manorama M. Khare, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford with extensive experience in research related to underserved populations, women’s health and diversity in higher education. Her technical expertise includes program evaluation, planning and implementation of community-based programs, quantitative and qualitative research methods, quasi experimental research designs, survey development and multivariate data analysis.

She is a public health researcher with focus on chronic disease and obesity prevention in rural, underserved communities using behavioral lifestyle interventions

The focus of her research has been reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in women using behavioral lifestyle change interventions. She is currently the lead evaluator for the Illinois WISEWOMAN program and CVD risk reduction program for underinsured and uninsured women across the state. For the past six years, she has served as co-investigator on a collaborative effort of the UIC National Center for Excellence in Women’s Health and the Illinois Department of Health to improve the cardiovascular risk profiles for adult women living in rural southern Illinois.

Dr. Khare earned her doctoral degree in public health from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to this position, she was a senior research specialist at the Center for Research on Women and Gender and the National Center for Excellence in Women’s Health at UIC.


University of Illinois at Chicago
The Ohio State University

Areas of Interest

  • Women’s Health, Rural Health
  • Behavioral Lifestyle Change Interventions
  • Use of mHealth to promote behavior change
  • Program Evaluation
  • Planning and Implementation of Community Programs
  • Diversity in Higher Education


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