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Maureen H. Richards, PhD

Assistant Dean for Medical Education and Evaluation; Clinical Associate Professor, Health Sciences Education University of Illinois College of Medicine RockfordOffice of Medical Education and Evaluation; Department of Health Sciences Education
Work 1601 Parkview Ave. Rockford IL 61107 Work Phone: 815-395-5940
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Maureen Richards is the assistant dean for medical education and evaluation at the University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford (UICOMR). Dr. Richards received her PhD from Northwestern University in the fields of immunology and microbiology before completing her fellowship in the field of NeuroHIV at Rush Medical College. As part of her research career she was the recipient of NIH training grants and has numerous publications in the field of neuroimmunology and infections of the brain. Dr. Richards began her career in medical education in 2016 as an assistant professor of microbiology and immunology. During her time at Rush Medical college, she was the immunology and microbiology discipline director and course director, during a curriculum renewal that launched in 2017. As part of this renewal, Dr. Richards developed an innovative strategy for the teaching of immunology and infectious disease to M1 and M2 students. This strategy included the creation of over 200 animated videos and presentations and the development of engaging classroom activities that helped students apply in the classroom what they had learned from videos. She also was the first director of the session activity design team at Rush, which lead to the development of activities in anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, pathophysiology, and neurology. She has been recognized for her teaching as the 2017 SCORE Positive Learning Environment Award and the 2019 Brainard Award for Teaching Excellence.

Since joining the faculty and administration at UICOMR, Dr. Richards has been instrumental in developing new clinical courses for M3 and M4 students at the Rockford campus as well as developing plans for program evaluation and student remediation.  Dr. Richards is also the Rockford Course Director for Block 5: Digestion and Homeostasis pt II in Phase I, Transition to Clerkships (phase I), and electives in Pandemic Planning & Emerging Pathogens as well as Wikipedia editing for the Medical Professional. Dr. Richardsalso assists in teaching microbiology and immunology to students in phase I.

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