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Curriculum: PGY III

Family Medicine Inpatient Service Supervisor — 2 blocks
Learn teaching skills and leadership skills applied as an R3
Responsibility for inpatient care of FHC and primary care clinic patients
Supervising resident for inpatient services to enhance own learning and teaching skills
Supervise OB deliveries/availability for emergent OB cases
Conducts bedside teaching rounds for junior residents and medical students

Electives — 3 blocks
Opportunity to cater to own special interests, i.e., wound care, headache, neurology, pain management, women’s health, pulmonary, urgent care, OMT, integrative medicine or physical therapy
Devoted to specific interests of residents
Global medicine electives available. Limited to 1 block rotation in 3rd year

Orthopedics — 1 block
Outpatient and inpatient orthopedics
Experience in management of acute musculoskeletal injuries and fractures
Ample opportunity to assist in surgery

Dermatology — 1 block
Extensive outpatient dermatology
Experience with dermatological procedures

Emergency Medicine – 1 block 
Application of ATLS and ACLS principles
Evaluate and treat emergency patients including trauma and severe illness
Develop urgent care procedural skills

Geriatrics — 1 block
Participate in a multi-disciplinary geriatric assessment team evaluating complex health problems in elderly patients
Work in a subacute hospital/short-stay unit for patients in transition from acute care hospital to home or nursing home care American Geriatrics Society Curriculum
Participate in management of palliative care and hospice patients

ENT/Ophthalmology — 1 block
Office experience with active ENT and ophthalmology specialists
May participate in surgery according to the interest of the resident

Behavioral Medicine — 2 weeks
Inpatient substance abuse treatment
Inpatient psychiatric services
Observe ECT

Urology — 2 weeks
Outpatient and inpatient experience
Opportunity to assist during surgery; vasectomy techniques

L.P. Johnson Family Health Center
Third-year residents generally spend four half-days per week in clinic, further developing a panel of clinic patients
Increased emphasis on office procedures including training in colposcopy, stress testing, vasectomy, IUDs, Implanon and minor surgery
Videotaping and case reviews done regularly

*Curriculum is subject to revision by the American Board of Family Medicine and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).