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Curriculum Overview

The medical biotechnology program curriculum is designed to allow schedule flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of students.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is designed with flexibility to allow schedule tailoring to the need of a wide range of students. Students will be guided to plan the route they wish to take to fit their needs throughout the program.

Course Duration

The Masters in Medical Biotechnology program is designed for completion in two years. However, with proper planning and effort, a student may be able to complete the program in one and a half years. The maximum lapsed time allowed for degree completion is five years.

Course Organization

In the first year of the program, students will take core courses in subjects such as protein biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, bioethics, statistics, and product development. The second year will differ depending on the tracks chosen. Students will meet with the program director to discuss their study plan regarding requirements for their chosen track.

Course Requirements

Minimum number of credit hours required: 34

Core subjects: 20 credits

Students must successfully complete the following required core courses.

Required Courses and TopicsCredits
MBT 501 Cell Biology2
MBT 504 Principles and Techniques in Protein Biochemistry3
MBT 505 Principles and Techniques in Molecular Biology3
MBT 506 Principles and Techniques in Immunology3
MBT 510 Ethics in Medical Biotechnology2
MBT 511 Statistics for Biotechnology Research3
MBT 513 Research Planning, Design and Execution1
MBT 520 Biotechnology Product Development: Concepts, and Regulatory Issues2
MBT 595 Student Seminar in Medical Microbiology1
Sub total – required Core courses20

Elective subjects:

Students must select and complete at least 6 credits from the following electives:

Elective Courses and TopicsCredits
MBT 521 Techniques and Processes in Biotechnology3
MBT 522 Applied Medical Biotechnology2
MBT 523 Biotechnology Engineering2
MBT 524 Applied Microbiology2
MBT 525 Drug Design and Discovery1
MBT 526 Safety Assessment of Drugs and Devices1
MBT 527 Design and Execution of Clinical Trials1
MBT 528 Basic Bioinformatics2
MBT 529 Introduction to Flow Cytometry1
MBT 530 Recombinant DNA Technology3
MBT 531 Advanced Statistics for Clinical Trials2
MBT 532 Laboratory Qualification, Validation, and Documentation2
MBT 533 Biotechnology Start-up, Entrepreneurship1
MBT 591 Departmental Seminar in Biotechnology1-4
MBT 592 Internship in Medical Biotechnology0-8
MBT 594 Special Topics in Biotechnology1-4
MBT 596 Independent Study1-4
Students must complete at least 6 credits of electives

Master’s Project (lab research or library paper):

Credit hour requirement – at least 8 credits
Total effort – the equivalent of 4-6 months of full time effort on proposal preparation and defense, research execution and project reporting and defense. This effort may be distributed over up to 18 months lapsed time.

Master’s Internship:

Credit hour requirement – at least 8 credits
Total effort – at least 600 internship hours (15 weeks, full time)

Course-Work Only:

Students must complete at least 14 credit hours of electives yielding a minimum total of 34 credit hours. This option is recommended for students already working in industry.

Specialized Training

The various specialized training relevant to medical biotechnology will be offered to students via the Special Topics elective. Among the topics that may be available are:

Molecular Biology
PCR Based Techniques
siRNA Based Techniques
Antisense Approaches
Flow Cytometry
ELISA and Western Blotting Techniques
Antibody: Production, Purification and Evaluation Techniques
Vaccine Development
T cell based techniques
Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques
Immunohistochemistry Techniques
Project Management Practice
Regulatory Procedure
Quality Systems Practices