Curriculum Overview

In the first year of the program, students will take compulsory subjects such as protein biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, bioethics, statistics, product development, and a series of elective subjects. This coursework is designed to enhance their theoretical and practical training in a selection of techniques and processes common to biotechnology research. The second year will vary depending on the track chosen. The MBT program curriculum is designed with flexibility to allow schedule tailoring the need of a wide range of students. Students will be guided to plan the route they wish to take to fit their needs throughout the program. Contact us for more information on course availability.

Graduate Catalog:

Degree Requirements

  • Minimum Semester Hours Required – 34 credit hours.
  • Course Work
  • Comprehensive Examination – Not required
  • Thesis, Project, or Course-Work-Only Options: Research Project or Course-Work-Only.
    • Research Project Option (lab research or library paper) with written and oral final reports.
      • In addition to required courses and electives, students must earn 8 credit hours in MBT 597.
      • Research project requirement requires design, justification, and execution of a research project and preparation of written and oral final reports. This requirement may be met by research conducted at University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford or other University of Illinois sites or in the laboratories of one of our industrial/academic partners or a combination of both.
      • Formal defense of the research project is required.
    • Course-Work-Only Option:
      • In addition to required courses, students must complete at least 14 credit hours of electives yielding a minimum total of 34 credit hours.
      • The Course-Work-Only Option also allows for students to do an internship at an approved site. Students choosing to do an internship must complete up to 8 credit hours of MBT 592. Students must then select enough elective credit hours to complete the 14 credit hours of electives required for the Course-Work-Only option. For every one credit hour of MBT 592, students must complete 75 hours of internship. Upon completion of the internship, students must submit a written report and give an oral presentation.


Below is a typical 2-year structure that can be followed by all full-time students beginning their program during the Fall semester.

Fall Spring Summer  















MBT 505 Molecular Biology


3 MBT 511



MBT 506 Immunotechnology


3 MBT 504

Protein Biochemistry



3 MBT 513 Research Plan, Design, and Execution


MBT 510




2 MBT 595

Student Seminar in Med. Biotech.


MBT 520

Biotech Product Development


2 MBT 501 Cell Biology




Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3



MBT 597                                     Master’s Project  







MBT 597                                     Master’s Project 6-8 MBT 597                                     Master’s Project 0



MBT 592

Internship in Med Biotech

MBT 592

Internship in Med Biotech

Credit 11 11 0-2 10-12 0