Start a Career through the MBT Program

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Start a Career through the MBT Program

Who might find this program useful?

The medical biotechnology program may be optimal for new graduates looking for focused, experienced-based study in biotechnology; working professionals wishing to acquire skill enhancement or job enrichment; or individuals looking to gain differentiation in the biotechnology industry’s job markets.

What value does the program offer to employers?

Employers can expect medical biotechnology graduates to have:

  • Advanced training in relevant basic sciences.
  • Hands-on laboratory application experience.
  • Specific technical skill set training.
  • Training in business and regulatory practices that would otherwise require employer investment.

Other Career Opportunities in Biotechnologies

Discovery and Preclinical Research
Project Management
Clinical Development
Medical Affairs
Regulatory Affairs
Quality Assurance
Product Development
Life science-based Information Management
Business and Corporate development
Marketing and Sales
Technical Applications and Support
Corporate Communications
Executive Leadership
Management Consulting
Human Resources and Recruiting
Academic faculty/Instructor

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