The MBT program is versatile in that students get flavors of both academic and industrial research. It is a perfect combination of concept-driven classroom training and application-driven practical training in laboratories, that prepares students for all kinds of research careers. Personally, the MBT program helped me establish a strong research foundation for myself as I transitioned towards pursuing my doctoral studies.

Kanak Joshi, PhD Candidate Loyola University, Chicago, IL

The MBT program allows students to explore various avenues of research in both academia and industry alike. The program is structured towards developing students’ technical skills, which allowed me to strengthen and perfect techniques, and apply them confidently. Additionally, the continuous guidance and support of the faculty every step of the way has made me more knowledgeable and passionate towards achieving scientific brilliance. It has been a delightful and exciting experience, with memories I will cherish for years to come.

Taher Gheewala, Senior Associate Scientist, Analytical Development, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Madison, WI

The MBT program is definitely one of my most rewarding academic experiences thus far. It is from here that I gained my love for science and respect for the research process. I was equipped with excellent research experience and hands-on skill sets through the cutting-edge research going on as well as through several lab rotations, departmental seminars and talks inside the campus. The staff and faculty pour immense effort in supporting students, which definitely boosted our confidence in successfully completing the program. The extensive experience I gained during the MBT program helped me get my current job and it has been crucial to my career building efforts. I would highly recommend this program to others for both personal and professional development.

Pooja Vinay, Senior Research Associate, R&D Scientist, Wugen Inc., St. Louis, MO

MBT graduates are equipped with the skill set and technical expertise needed to successfully integrate into many roles. The comprehensive education allows graduates to pursue many paths by applying cutting-edge research and practical knowledge employers desire in new graduates.

Jake Rashid, Project Manager, Clinical Supplies, Pfizer, Greater Chicago Area, IL

Before attending the Masters in Medical Biotechnology Program, I didn’t realize that the MBT program is such a great platform for students who want to improve their education background for their future. After the comprehensive course study in the classroom and the practical training in the cutting-edge laboratory by the dedicated mentors, I figured out what the life of doing science is. This helped me to determine to pursue a Ph.D degree as the next step, and the strong lab experience that the MBT program provided helped me to get the offer! 

The connection between the MBT program and companies also helps students be in touch with industry, which greatly helps students with their job-hunting after graduation.

Zhaoqi Yan, PhD, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

The curriculum in the MBT program is meticulously designed to prepare the students for careers in academia and industry. I’ve been very fortunate in the learning opportunities that I’ve gotten in the time I spent in the MBT program – the opportunities that helped me thrive in the biotech industry but at the same time to stay motivated to pursue a Ph.D. in the next phase of my career. Being an international student, I had my fears and paranoia about moving to a new place and simultaneously dealing with an intense program. But MBT takes care of you well enough so you can focus on the more important things. I will be forever grateful for the technical and life skills I’ve learned while at MBT.

Nalini Bisht, PhD Candidate, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX