M3 and M4 Years

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M3 and M4 Years

General Description for the M3 Year

Six-week clerkships in obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, family medicine and psychiatry, plus 12-week clerkships in medicine and surgery comprise the third-year experience, with students spending one day per week at their designated clinics. M3 instructional methods are a blend of didactic presentations, teaching rounds, case-based problem solving, computer-aided instruction, computer case simulations, student presentations, patient case discussions and seminars. Instruction and evaluation are based on faculty-approved learning objectives, and include passing the NBME Subject Exam in each discipline.

M3 Course Breakdown

M3 Year (48 weeks)

 M3 Year (48 weeks)
   Medicine (12)12 week clerkships may be in any area in either half of the year.
Surgery (12)
 Ob/Gyn (6)
Pediatrics (6)
6 week clerkships may be in any order in either half of the year.  Psychiatry (6)
Family Med (6)

General Description of the M4 Year

The M4 year includes 16 weeks of selectives (four, four-week rotations), plus 16 weeks of electives. Eight weeks of discretionary time are available which students may use for preparation for USMLE Step 2 CS and CK, residency interviews or vacation. Students must pass Step 2 CS and CK of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) in order to graduate. A mock Step 2 CS standardized patient experience is offered at the beginning of the M4 year to prepare students for the clinical skills part of the Step 2 examination.

Individual electives in the M4 year are either two or four weeks in duration. Rockford students may also choose elective experiences at other U.S. medical schools and/or to study abroad. The College of Medicine at Rockford is one of the few U.S. medical schools belonging to the International Network of Community-Oriented Educational Institutions for Health Sciences. Students are encouraged to see and experience medicine in varying contexts, including Third World settings via fellowships in cooperation with Network institutions and others.


M4 Year (36 weeks)
Selectives and electives may be taken in any order
Selectives (16)Each selective is 4 weeks
Electives (20)
Electives are 2 or 4 weeks eachDiscretionary time (8)