Health Careers Pathway Initiative

Learn about health careers including: doctor, nurse, medical researcher and pharmacist

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, a variety of opportunities for students to learn about these and other health careers are available through the UIC Health Sciences Campus–Rockford.

Activities include:


We are now offering virtual hands-on learning experiences using the virtual platform Zoom. Each session is two hours in length and consists of a 1-hour hands-on activity and a 1-hour panel discussion with our health profession students. UICHSC-R students, staff, and faculty will conduct the hands-on activities. Sessions are open to any high school student in Winnebago County at no cost.


Students will participate in a live instructional, hands-on, medical-related activity. Kits containing the needed materials and supplies will be mailed to participants prior to the event date. There is no cost for students to participate. Three different hands-on activity sessions are offered:

  • Start an IV – College of Nursing:  Students will learn how to start an IV line on a manikin arm with the aid of a learning kit.
  • Genes in a Bottle – Masters in Medical Biotechnology:  Participants will isolate DNA from their own cheek cells and precipitate it.
  • Hold it Together (suturing) – College of Medicine: Medical Students will demonstrate and assist participants in learning how to suture a wound with the aid of a suture kit.


Panel discussions with UICHSC-R health professions students are conducted using the virtual platform Zoom. Students will share why they choose a career in the health professions, what it is like to be a health professions student, and what high school students can do now to prepare for a future career in the health professions.  A UICHSC-R faculty/staff person will serve as moderator.

For more information, contact Vicki Weidenbacher-Hoper at (815) 395-5669 or [email protected].