UI Health Patient Portal

Patients of the UI Health L.P. Johnson Family Health Center and UI Health Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy Clinic can use the UI Health Patient Portal to:

  • Communicate with your health care team directly
  • Review some of your medical records such as medications, immunizations, allergies and other health issues
  • View recent after-visit summaries from your last clinic visit
  • Request an appointment and view some scheduled appointments
  • View your lab results
  • Renew prescriptions and view prescription information


Option 1 – During your next visit to UI Health:

  1. Our service desk will ask for your e-mail address and a one-time-use security question to start your account.
  2. Watch for a Patient Portal e-mail from [email protected] The subject line will be “Welcome to UI Health Patient Portal.” Click on the link in the e-mail, and log in with the information you provided above.
    (NOTE: The invite link in this e-mail expires after 90 days.)
  3. Update your information, and then click the Create an Account button.
  4. Congratulations! You now have access to the UI Health Patient Portal.

Option 2 – Self-enrollment from anywhere:

If you have your Medical Record Number (MRN) or if we have your e-mail address on file, you can sign up for the portal remotely. Your MRN will be printed on your visit summary and discharge paperwork. You must be over age 18 to enroll.

  1. Click here to register online
  2. Complete the online form (all fields are required).
    1. If using an MRN number to register, update all your information on the second page of the form, then click the Create an Account button.
    2. If you use an e-mail address to register, you must use the same one we have on file. You can only change the one we have on file during a clinic visit. Once you submit the form, check your e-mail for a message titled “Welcome to UI Health Patient Portal.” Click the link in the email to update your information, then click the Create an Account button.
  3. Congratulations! You now have access to the UI Health Patient Portal.

For help logging in to My UI Health or to reset your password, call 877.621.8014

If you need don’t have access to the UI Health Patient Portal but need medical records or copies of your medical records, x-rays, scans, or other tests, contact the Health Information Management (HIM) department:
• Chicago HIM:  (312) 996-3350
• Rockford Region HIM: (815) 972-1069

Click here log in to UI Health Patient Portal.