Required Online Training: Faculty, Staff and Students

The University of Illinois at Rockford requires online training for all persons planning to participate in human subject research reviewed by their Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) provides the initial (basic) human research training. This web-based course will take two to three hours to complete, depending on an individual’s prior knowledge and experience with research, ethical principles and regulations about human subject protections. The training can be started, stopped and resumed at any point.

This online training requirement must be met before research personnel can participate in any research activities for Exempt, Expedited or Full IRB reviews.

This training can also be submitted for continuing education credit for physicians, nurses and psychologists through the AMA, APA/CEP and CNE. Click CE credits at CITI for more information.

Definition of Key Research Personnel:

Key research personnel include all persons who will have a significant role in the design or conduct of the research, and includes (at a minimum) all Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Student Advisors, any individuals who are individually named on a grant or contract application, or who are listed on an FDA form 1572 (conducted at COM-R), named as contact persons in the recruitment documents or informed consent documents for research, or who provide supervision of the persons who are obtaining informed consent to participate in research.

Any individuals, including student researchers and coordinators, who are involved with the research by handling protected health information, or are using the research information/data set as part of their research, should be included as research personnel on a protocol application.

Step 1: CITI Training Instructions for Initial or Continuing Education


The CITI web-based training course is a collaborative effort between multiple institutions. It is hosted by the University of Miami.

To Register:

1. Go to and select “Register for the CITI Course.”

2. Under “Participating Institutions” select: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford.

3. Register for CITI


1. Complete “Biomedical Research Investigators” or “Social and Behavioral Research Investigators” Modules. Biomedical Research Investigators training is recommended unless you plan on primarily working with Social and Behavioral Research.
Those that have previously taken either of those courses should indicate so in Question 2. This will provide a Refresher Course instead of the original training. DO NOT CHECK A COURSE YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN as the refresher course is NOT a substitute for the complete modules. Refresher courses will not be accepted unless accompanied by a completion certificate of the original course taken.

2.   Complete the quiz at the end of each of the required modules.

3.   Achieve an overall passing score of 80 percent on these quizzes.


Note: Good Clinical Practice, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Students in Research are not IRB requirements, but may be program requirements for you. Please check with your program to see if you are required to do any of these supplemental courses.


Step 2: Reporting Completion of Training

1. Go to:

2. Create an account by clicking ‘New User Registration.’
3. Login and go to user profile.
4. Choose add a training and credential record.
5. Choose the appropriate document type and the date earned.
6. Attach the associated completion report that was emailed to you upon course completion.
7. After you have attached your document, click ‘Submit’ under training and credentials in the user profile page.
8. Choose University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford IRB as your Board and submit.

Continuing Education

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford requires every person listed on a human subject research protocol to perform continuing education credits every two years. Please log on to the:

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

web site to complete your continuing education requirements. Load the renewal report as described in Step 2.