Research in a University Clinic

Conducting human subject research at any of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford clinics requires IRB review and approval. Any person working on a clinical research project must complete the required online training and must be listed on the approved protocol. This includes key research personnel that assist in recruitment, consent, data collection and analysis.
These clinics include:
  • L. P. Johnson Family Health Center

Research by faculty, staff, and students

Any College of Medicine at Rockford faculty, staff or student that is actively engaged in research should contact the College’s Research Support Services office for information on the policy and procedures regarding human subject research by COM-R employees. Please note that faculty, staff, and students actively engaged in a research activity with an outside institution must follow the guidelines concerning the use of an employee’s university association in publication, which requires COM-R IRB approval. For further information please contact the RSS office or refer to the COM-R Policy and Procedure Manual.

Health Services Research and HIPAA

FDA and Running Clinical Trials

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