Radiation Safety

Use of Radioactive Materials at the College of Medicine

Step 1: Authorization of Use of Radioactive Isotopes at COM-R
Submit Form 106 – Request for Amendment of NRC License – New User for each member of the lab that will be performing this research. He/she must provide a detailed history concerning their training and previous work history in using radioactive materials. All researchers wanting to use radioactive materials must be certified by Radiology / Nuclear Medicine and the Radiation Safety Office. Once the Radiation Safety Committee has approved the user, they then have to submit the details of the protocol concerning the isotopes to be used.
Step 2: Registration of Instruments and Machines Producing Ionizing Radiation

Submit Form 107 – Application for Procurement and Use of Radioactive Materials-4, that details radioisotope procurement and use. The RSC reviews one form per every isotope that will be used. Please see Form 107 – Instructions to Radioisotope Procurement and Use prior to submitting Form 107.

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