In 2009, the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) formed a new division called Health Policy and Social Science Research (HPSSR), directed by Sherry Falsetti, PhD, who also serves as the Assistant Dean of Research.  The rationale for creating this new division was to consolidate research activities among clinicians, researchers and faculty in the DFCM and to incorporate Health Systems Research (HSR) into the Division. HPSSR offers community assessments, feasibility studies, market analyses, customer satisfaction surveys, program evaluation, survey research, data requests (health, demographic, economic), census guidance and technical assistance for evaluation.

The development of HPSSR has established a strong foundation to build research at the UICOM-R and to study important social science and health issues with scientific rigor both locally and nationally.

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Core Faculty Members

For more Information, contact Dr. Sherry Falsetti
Phone: 1.815.395.5665
E-mail: [email protected]


Lori Dredske
Phone: 1.815.395.5733
E-mail: [email protected]