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When you click above you will be directed to the University of Illinois statewide web site, which serves Rockford, as well as Chicago, Springfield and Urbana. If you need assistance with applying online, please call the help desk at 312.413.4848.

The mission of the University of Illinois Rockford is to educate, innovate and serve.  Our Rockford Regional campus is characterized by its community-based education, its strength in primary care and its commitment to addressing health disparities.  The campus focus in non-bench research among the clinical faculty is in social sciences, health policy and education. In support of our medical education programs, the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford  employs physicians, researchers, nurses, administrative support, medical business office, maintenance workers, medical assistants, among other titles, to provide excellent medical care and teaching.


Faculty: employees that teach medical / pharmacy / nursing / public health / biotechnology students

Civil Service: employees that provide services such as nursing, administrative support, laboratory, maintenance, accounting, billing / coding

Extra Help: temporary Civil Service employees



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Civil Service: 

Apply online at jobs.uic.edu; questions should be referred to UIC Help Desk at 312-413-4848. HR will review your qualifications and, if qualified, contact you to schedule an examination. Civil Service exams are administered on Tuesday mornings or Thursday afternoons.

* Please note that your qualifications for Civil Service examinations are determined based on application materials. Applications containing employment information from your first job through your current position, a detailed resume, copy of your college / university transcripts, and DD214 if applicable, must be received in Human Resources by the closing date of the job. Incomplete applications will not be considered. After the application deadline, the names of the top three candidates will be referred to the department for interviews.

Extra Help:      

Apply online at jobs.uic.edu; questions should be referred to UIC Help Desk at 312-413-4848. Email rockfordhr@uic.edu to express interest in a particular extra help job.


RN OB Care Coordinator

LPN – WCJ – 2nd Shift

Medical Assistant – FHC – Rochelle

Extra Help Technical (RN) – Family Health Center

Extra help – tech – CMA

LPN – Winnebago County Jail