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Office of Research

Leading the charge on research

The mission of the COMR’s Office of Research is to increase student and faculty research productivity by providing support, research opportunities, programs, and funding for students and faculty. Although research is not currently a requirement for medical students, the number of our students conducting research has grown to 80.9% in 2019. We have many programs that support students, including the James Scholar Program, the Student Travel Award, and the Summer Craig Fellowship Program.

Scholarly work is vital to further scientific knowledge and many of our faculty are involved in research. We provide not only assistance with study design and statistical analyses, but can also provide internal funding for pilot projects and bridge funding to keep labs running between funding from federal agencies. Here you will information about all of the resources offered. We invite you meet our faculty and staff and to learn about all our office has to offer.

student research opportunities

Student Research Opportunities

The Office of Research’s goal is to increase student and faculty research productivity through developing infrastructure and providing research opportunities for students and faculty in the College of Medicine Rockford. To that effect, our staff is dedicated to providing an environment where students can engage in research, from coming up with a research question, to designing and implementing their project, as well as supporting their presentation, publication, and dissemination of student work. Medical students at UICOMR have many opportunities to become involved in research, with faculty at the College as well as in the larger community.

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research support

Faculty and Resident Research Support

The Office of Research provides research support in the areas of study design, data analysis, and interpretation of results. Assistance with identifying potential funding sources as well as grant editing and writing, along with internal funding sources are also available.

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research day

Research Day

The Office of Research hosts Research Day, an annual public event that showcases the campus’ commitment to research by sharing our work with the community. Attended by over 200 people including faculty, students, researchers, clinicians, and individuals from the broader Rockford community, Research Day highlights the research conducted by health science students and faculty at the UIC Health Sciences Campus–Rockford, and researchers from affiliated and regional institutions.

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Ask the Office of Research Team

Students and faculty can reach out directly to the Office of Research Team to ask any question that may require a quick answer. In this way, students and faculty are not limited to meeting in-person on certain dates and times to get help.

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The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and monitoring all research (whether funded or not) involving human participants. The IRB is concerned with protecting the welfare, rights, and privacy of humans participating in research. The UIC Health Sciences Campus – Rockford has its own IRB which has the authority to approve, disapprove, monitor, and require modifications in all student and faculty research activities.

The Office of Research offers several funding resources to support student, resident, and faculty research including the Bridge Funding Award for faculty and Clinical, Educational and Community Health Research Grant for faculty, residents, and students