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Biomedical Sciences Research

The Shingles vaccine used by millions around the world was developed in this department. Additional vaccines for lymphatic filariasis, guinea worm and dog heartworm are being developed. Researchers in the regenerative medicine and disabilities laboratories are studying innovative stem cell therapies for nervous system disorders and methods for making artificial joints less harmful and prolong the longevity of the implants. Other research includes immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases, developing nanomaterials for drug delivery for inflammatory diseases, molecular diagnosis of early lung cancer, alternative therapy for prostate cancer, 3D Bioprinting of tissues for research, and a host of other scientific disciplines that come together to create a productive environment where ground-breaking research can thrive. Faculty research is supported by extramural grants and funding from several foundations.

Equipment and technology

To enable the groundbreaking research, the department has purchased several types of cutting edge equipment such as confocal microscope, flow sorters, live image microscopes, scanning microscope, fluorescent microscopes, whole animal imager, digital cell counters, qPCR machines, HPLC, ELISA readers, 3D Bioprinter, and Zeta potential analyzer to name a few.

Research faculty

Faculty members have achieved an excellent reputation for significant contributions and leadership to scientific and professional societies at all levels of organization in our community, nationally and internationally.

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The Office of Research mentors and connects students to researchers in the surrounding communities and provides assistance with study design, Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements and statistical analysis.

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