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Other Health Services Provided by Student Health and Wellness

In addition to providing general medical care, Student Health and Wellness coordinates and monitors health-related policy compliance and serves as a resource for general health-related information. Whether it is making sure students upload required proof of vaccination or answering questions about COVID-19 protocols, Student Health and Wellness is here to help Rockford students. Call  (815) 395-5870.

Medical bills can be complicated, and even more so when you have partial coverage from various student health fee services and insurance. Learn how to read bills and statements. For example after you see a provider you may see a charged amount. However, this amount may be visible before it has been sent to your insurance provider or removed and taken out of the student health fee for our campus. You might also see bills that are from separate locations such as provider services, hospital services, and laboratory tests.

Any and all questions regarding your bills or a statement requires that you reach out to the number on the bill first and reach out to your insurance and the clinic second. CALL THE NUMBER ON YOUR BILL, YOUR INSURANCE, AND STUDENT HEALTH with questions. We are your first line for all questions, no other department or organization can work through your personal billing statements with you. Never send private health information via a personal or university email.

Also, never ignore a billing statement – as you do not want to get a late fee or get sent to collections. Did you obtain services at MercyHealth and have a statement you have questions about? Call the number on the billing statement. You are the only one that can discuss the billing statement with them.  

Activate your MyChart account! You can view your records, labs, communicate with your healthcare providers AND pay your bills through MyChart.

Exposures to potentially infectious blood or body fluids as a result of needle sticks, cuts or splashes that occur on assignment (Clinical sites, labs etc.) could result in transmission of blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV.

Seek treatment within 1-2 hours after initial exposure, as is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and prevention.

In the event of an exposure use the following procedure:

  1. Clean it: Wash the area immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. Eyes should be flushed with saline or water. There is no evidence that expressing fluid from a wound reduces the risk of blood-borne infection.
  2. Get Treated: Hospital 7am – 5pm:  Report to their employee health services department for care right away. Hospital AFTER 5pm:  Report to their emergency department for care. Clinic site: Report to Noel Pycior APN in Student Health for care. Call the clinic immediately 815-395-5870. If after clinic hours, to the emergency department near you.  
  3. Report it: Notify your preceptor/clerkship director/faculty right away. Notify Noel Pycior APN within 24 hours of the incident to fill out and review the incident report document (see Appendix)
  4. Follow up: Any follow up care deemed necessary by your initial evaluation in the emergency department or employee health services must take place in Student Health by scheduling an appointment with Noel Pycior, APN. If you are not in Rockford, then you can schedule this per your insurance network with your health care provider.

Insurance Billing for the Incident

In most cases, payment for an ER visit is based on the guidelines of the student’s own health insurance coverage or CampusCare. Students are not covered by Workers’ Compensation.  

Effective immediately, Rockford Health Science students that report an injury and present to the hospital or site for care, must provide your private (public, or CampusCare) card at the time of service. Your insurance plan will be billed for the services rendered.  

Keep in mind, that injuries or needlestick’s need to be reported in 24 hours or insurance may choose to not cover payment.

Any remaining balance or deductible that you incur after your insurance has paid for the visit will be covered by our Student Health Fee budget. A remaining balance can then be billed directly to the UIC College of Medicine Rockford – attention Student Health and Wellness 1601 Parkview Ave. Rockford 61107. If you have further questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. [email protected].

CampusCare Insurance Coverage 

Campus Care has adopted the policy that all exposures to blood or body fluids that occur because of a needle-stick, puncture, cut, or spray injury are defined as a true, life-threatening medical emergency. In the event of such an emergency, the student should proceed to the nearest Employee Health Office or Emergency Room as directed above for treatment.  

The student or someone on the student’s behalf is required to notify Noel Pycior APN as your PCP within 24 hours of receiving care to approve urgent services for Campus Care coverage. Such notification does not guarantee that Campus Care will be responsible for the incurred charges. The determination as to whether the condition meets Emergency Care guidelines is made by the Medical Director of Campus Care or their designee. If further questions or concerns arise after reporting the incident to the Director of Student Health and Wellness Noel Pycior APN, students may call Campus Care directly at 312-996-4915. 

Note: An exposure must be billed as an injury. If you have any occupational exposure to bodily fluids immediately notify the doctor/team you are working with of the incident and that you need to seek medical attention right away

Protect yourself

Plan for safe handling and disposal before using needles.  

Dispose of used needles promptly in sharps disposal containers.

Complete annual blood borne pathogen training.

Get your hepatitis B vaccines.

Report all sharps-related injuries to your preceptor/clerkship director, and student health to ensure appropriate follow-up.

The majority of our UIC Health Science Campus Rockford students have to provide immunization records upon matriculating.  In addition to these requirements, annual immunization requirements or screenings are often required (i.e. Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing in particular).

Student Health and Wellness provides the following services annually for all students in need (inquire for details by calling the clinic 815-395-5870):

  • Influenza shot
  • PPD (Single step, or Two-Step TB Skin Testing)

Currently we have discounted rates for the above services available to students.  In addition to these, we also have the following vaccines available at a discounted rate (inquire for details by calling the clinic 815-395-5870):

  • TdaP
  • MMR
  • Hepatitis B

Often times, Student Health provides week long walk in vaccine or screening clinics for a discount or free of charge for such annual requirements.  Pay attention to these services and take full advantage of these services when they are offered.

Take Note

CampusCare and the Student Health Services Fee DO NOT COVER IMMUNIZATIONS that are associated with school requirements at matriculation or for clinical sites.

  • Lab tests to assess immune titers are not covered by CampusCare or the Student Health Services Fee.
  • Completing your titers and immunizations while on personal insurance or inquiring about best prices locally can be a cheaper option.
  • When you find you need to repeat any lab titer after you have matriculated, you may inquire with our clinic for our rates as well.  

College of Medicine and Castlebranch

The UIC College of Medicine utilizes a third-party software system to manage student immunization records – Castlebranch. Accepted and confirmed students are responsible for setting up and maintaining a Castlebranch account. The software and Noel Pycior APN monitor all immunization compliance and expirations for the College of Medicine based mandatory items.  

Admitted M1/Incoming Students have requirements that must be met PRIOR to the start of medical school.  Information on these requirements and set up are sent out by the Office of Admissions.

CastleBranch Setup: Students should receive instructions from the Office of Admissions on how to setup CastleBranch through their online portal using a Rockford specific access code (UG33). 

Immunizations Requirements: All immunizations and titers must be submitted prior to the start of medical school, by the designated deadline (July 1). The following are required:

  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR). 2 vaccinations AND a positive antibody titer for each.
  • Varicella/Chicken Pox. Positive antibody titer. 
  • Hepatitis B. 3 vaccinations AND a positive antibody titer. 
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis (Tdap/Tdap booster). Must be current (exp. every 10 years if it expires an updated shot must be completed). 
  • Tuberculosis test. 2-step PPD skin test or Quantiferon blood test. Completed every year. If test is positive, a chest X-ray is required. 
  • Polio. Childhood or adult series of vaccinations. 
  • Influenza shot. Yearly shot required. 
  • OSHA training. Certificate of completion (administered and completed the first week of class)
  • Blood borne Pathogens. Certificate of completion (administered and completed the first week of class)
  • HIPAA training. Certificate of completion (administered and completed the first week of class and renewed training annually) 
  • CPR/BLS training. Done after matriculation and every 2 years. On campus, AHA in person course.  
  • Respirator Fit (administered prior to start of any in person/patient or clinical rotations) 
  • Proof of health insurance. Insurance ID card (front and back of card uploaded) and renewed annually. 
  • 10-panel drug test. Negative-result. Uploaded in the UG33 Document manager section, and renewed annually or when required. See below section for details.  

Post enrollment – All other Medical students are professionally responsible to complete and maintain all compliance requirements. Annual updates must be uploaded to Castlebranch or you will not be in compliance with the medical school policy. Yearly requirements for all of College of Medicine include:

  • Two step TB skin Test, or the Quantiferon Gold blood test. (Annual questionnaire or Chest X-ray if history of a positive)
  • Influenza vaccination
  • Proof of Health Insurance

The UIC Policy on Alcohol and Other Drug Use Policy and Resource Guide can be found at: The specific policy regarding Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students and Employees can be found at the following link:   

As a clinical site compliance requirement for UI Health, students are required to complete and pass a yearly 10-panel drug screen. This drug test costs approximately $40 and is administered at one of the local/Rockford area Physician Immediate Care Clinics. (There are 5 clinic sites locally all near Rockford)

Students are responsible for the cost of the drug screens. You must notify the clinic that you are a UI Health Science student (Medicine, MBT, Pharmacy or Nursing) when you present to the appointment and also pay for the screening at the time of the visit. 

The results of your drug test will be emailed to you. If you are a College of Medicine student, you will upload these results at matriculation Castle Branch.

Some affiliate clinical sites consider the drug screen an annual requirement or can request a student be tested. It is possible that a student will need to be re-tested for clinical activity while in school. A student returning from a Leave of Absence will also have to be retested. Again, you will obtain these repeated screens at the local area Physician Immediate Care clinics as outlined above. 

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Health for direction.

UIC Student Health and Wellness places the health and well-being of our students as our utmost priority. We understand that this past year has been a difficult time for everyone on campus and our Rockford community. We want you to know that you are not alone and we are here to care and support you.

UIC Student Health and Wellness will only see patients by scheduled appointment. Walk in appointments will no longer be accepted. Students must stick to their scheduled appointment times and may be asked to reschedule their appointment if you are late.  

All students present in the building should provide for social distancing spaces between themselves and other individuals. Students are encouraged to request medication refills by calling their pharmacy. Students will need to remain entering and exiting through the main front entrance of the college until notified that our exterior entrance has opened.

There may be reduced appointment times available for certain routine appointments. Student Health and Wellness does have many telehealth appointment options. Due to scheduling nuances, we cannot guarantee appointments will be accommodated “same day” but we will try to accommodate your request.  

Telehealth Services

In light of COVID19 we were able to successfully operate via Video and Phone Telehealth appointments. Some of these options now remain – as we understand that this can offer a convenient and timely way to seek care. Inquire about these options when scheduling your appointments.  

As always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask by calling our clinic 815-395-5870 or emailing our Director of Student Health and Wellness Noel M Pycior MS, FNP-BC [email protected]