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Referral Networks

We recognize that many factors – including culture, racial/ethnic identities, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, political viewpoints, religious/spiritual and/or philosophical beliefs, and physical and cognitive abilities – are salient in students’ lives, and we are committed to welcoming students with respect and sensitivity.

Mental health professionals understand that the quality of your relationship with them is a crucial factor in how effective your treatment will be. This means that choosing a provider who will be a good fit for you is important. Creating this relationship requires collaboration and work on both parts.

If you would like to explore other options for counseling and psychiatry services we can help you. (815) 395-5870

Please see the spreadsheet below which offers information on the network of providers locally as well as in Chicago and Peoria. All listed locations are covered in-network providers for the student health benefit program CampusCare. To inquire about any of these offices, or to obtain a referral should you have CampusCare, please contact Noel M Pycior MS, FNP-BC at

Mental Health Resources for Students of Color Heading link

While all students need a variety of supportive resources during their time at our UIC Health Science Campus, we acknowledge that students who identify as Black, Latinx or with other marginalized identity groups, often experience additional challenges where mental health is concerned due to structural inequities and institutional racism.

Recognizing those distinctive needs for our students, we have a referral network available for both local (Rockford) and Chicago practices.

Local Rockford practices are available to you by referral from our providers at Student Health and Wellness. Additionally, these practices are on many private health insurance plans; therefore, you may also consider checking with your insurance network coverage for either location. If you have CampusCare for your health plan, you must have a prior approval before an office visit with either location in order to avoid a large out of pocket expense. With approval, you will be responsible for a copayment due at the time of service of $15.

To establish care with one of these providers at these offices, or to simply obtain more information, please contact Student Health and Wellness at (815) 395-5870. Director Noel M. Pycior, MS, FNP-BC, will assist you with the referral and appointment process as well as answer any other questions on obtaining mental health/counseling/wellness support from therapists of color. All questions or concerns are kept confidential. (815) 395-5870,

LGBTQIA+ Resources Heading link

At UIC and the UIC Health Science Campus-Rockford, we remain committed to supporting students of all gender identities and expressions.  As above, we agree that finding a therapist you share common ground with can alleviate some of the fear and anxiety that therapy can bring.

The UIC Gender and Sexuality Center Chicago is available to you and provides many virtual programs, and supportive resources to meet your needs.  We understand that gender identity and expression can be complex, unique, and evolving depending on the individual. Moreover, we recognize that gender identity and expression function as components of an individual’s multiple intersecting identities.

In addition to the Gender and Sexuality Center, we again have a network of mental health support and providers that we can refer to for your care. Fortunately, these therapeutic services are even more accessible with the ease of telehealth for office visits.

To obtain more information, please contact Student Health at 815-395-5870. our Director Noel M. Pycior, MS FNP-BC will assist you with the referral and appointment process as well as answer any other questions on obtaining mental health/counseling/wellness. All questions or concerns are kept confidential.  815-395-5870,

Resiliency Center Heading link

Students at our UIC Health Science Campus-Rockford have access to the University of Illinois College of Medicine Student Resiliency Center with a referral from providers at Student Health and Wellness.

Services at the Resiliency Center are provided by clinicians who do not have any evaluative role for College of Medicine students. The Resiliency Center provides short-term psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and medication management.

All appointments take place at the Psychiatric Institute (PI) building at 1601 W Taylor Street, Room 441 Chicago, a location separate from the clinical Department of Psychiatry, in order to maintain student privacy.

Resiliency Center practitioners will provide up to six sessions of talk therapy lasting between 45 and 60 minutes each. Appointments can be scheduled in advance or on an as-needed basis with the patient’s assigned provider, which will be determined after the intake evaluation. Patients will be triaged to either supportive psychotherapy with social worker Linzi Swisher, LCSW, or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with psychologists Jaclyn Weisman, PhD, or Gustavo Medrano, PhD.

Appointments are currently available via telephone or video.  To obtain more information about a referral to the Resiliency Center please contact the Director of Student Health and Wellness Noel M Pycior MS, FNP-BC by calling the clinic 815-395-5870 or email All questions or concerns are kept confidential.