Student Health and Wellness

Assisting all students in achieving and maintaining optimum physical, mental and emotional health.

Student Health and Wellness at the UIC Health Sciences Campus-Rockford serves students registered in the College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy and College of Nursing programs at the Rockford campus.

As part of tuition and fees each semester, students are charged a mandatory health service fee. The fee covers general operating costs for Student Health and Wellness, which provides medical services, counseling and wellness activities. Registered students have access to services covered by student health fees, regardless of their insurance coverage. If you require services beyond what is provided under student health fees, consult your insurance policy (CampusCare or private health plans). Student Health and Wellness at UIC Health Sciences Campus–Rockford accepts the majority of private insurance plans and can serve as a medical home for a student.

Student Health and Wellness is dedicated to assisting all students in achieving and maintaining optimum physical, mental and emotional health. Healthy patients become healthy providers.

UIC Student Health and Wellness places the health and well-being of our students as our utmost priority.  We understand that this may be a difficult time for everyone on campus and our Rockford community.  We want you to know that you are not alone and we are still here to care and support you.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, all appointments during the fall semester must be scheduled by calling (815) 395-5870. Walk in appointments will not be taken. Students may be asked to reschedule their appointment if you are late for a scheduled appointment time. We also discourage non-essential appointments within the building and better leverage our technology for telephone and telehealth visits.

At the beginning of the semester, it is anticipated that there may be reduced appointment times available for certain routine appointments. Student Health and Wellness does have many telehealth appointment options. Due to scheduling nuances, we cannot guarantee appointments will be accommodated “same day” but we will try to accommodate your request.

All students present in the building should provide for social distancing spaces between themselves and other individuals. Students are encouraged to request medication refills by calling their pharmacy. Students will need to enter and exit through the main front entrance of the college.

As a student at the UIC Health Sciences Campus Rockford, you pay two fees at registration, which cover services that should meet most of your health care needs. They are the Health Service Fee and the Student Insurance Fee.  The Health Fee should not be confused with CampusCare, the student health insurance program.


The Health Service Fee is prepayment for services provided by Student Health and Wellness.  This fee cannot be waived. All UIC registered students pay a Student Services Fee.  This fee pays for access to preventive and acute healthcare services provided by the UIC Student Health and Wellness clinic Rockford at no additional charge. The health service fee does not cover all visits to our clinic. Care for ongoing medical problems will be covered by your private insurance or by CampusCare if you selected CampusCare for your health benefits. For a more detailed list of services provided or not provided by the health service fee, please see The services are the same for Rockford students as well.


CampusCare is the student health insurance program. All students must maintain health insurance throughout their student careers. This can be via CampusCare or other insurance coverage. If students have alternative insurance coverage, they must submit an online waiver for the CampusCare program at the beginning of each academic year.

Due to utmost concerns for health and safety during this time of COVID-19, the counseling sessions are not currently open for face-to-face appointments and is functioning entirely remotely, using video and/or phone.  Your therapist will have the ability to provide an in-office appointment with you if this is necessary for best care.

Issues commonly addressed through brief individual or group counseling include

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Stress/burnout
  • School and life balance
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Relationship problems or family conflicts
  • Focus, concentration or memory concerns
  • Sadness or feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulty coping with change or transition

For more information about online mental health resources and apps:

Clinical services and therapeutic records are strictly confidential as protected by law. UIC students automatically assessed the health services fee as part of their current enrollment are eligible for counseling services without additional fee and regardless of insurance coverage.

We provide health and wellness information sessions and educational programs, as well as knowledge and skill-building activities for our student communities that encourage healthy choices and lifestyles.Online/Remote opportunities for wellness activities do exist! Please inquire with Anne Zuba, LCSW at [email protected]. Programming is available to all students. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Resiliency/burnout
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Self-compassion
  • Worry, anxiety and panic
  • Nutrition and mental health
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Relaxation/guided imagery
  • Secondary trauma and professional self-care

The Student Relaxation Room in N120 offers a quiet, welcoming space for students to practice relaxation and stress reduction. Yoga mats, self-help books, aromatherapy diffuser, and our massage recliner are available during Student Health and Wellness hours.


Due to the COVID-19 situation, UIC Student Health and Wellness will only see patients by scheduled appointment through the fall semester by calling (815) 395-5870. Walk in appointments will not be available at this time. Students may be asked to reschedule their appointment if you are late for a scheduled appointment time.

  • Monday – Thursday 8am – 4pm
  • Extended appointments till 7pm on Wednesdays
  • Friday 8am – Noon

After Hours

In the event that you have an urgent health concern that cannot wait until the following day, you can access the answering service by calling (779) 696-2050 or by following the instructions on our clinic voicemail and ask to be connected to UIC Student Health and Wellness.

If you have an acute illness and Student Health and Wellness services are unavailable, the following locations are available:

  • CampusCare students: Mercyhealth Convenient Care Clinics and Hospital (815) 971-2000
  • Private insured students: Access care per your insurance network as defined in your certificate of coverage


Student Health and Wellness is located in room N113 at the UIC Health Sciences Campus-Rockford, 1601 Parkview Ave., Rockford, Illinois, 61107.


Noel Pycior, MS, APRN, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner
Director of Student Health and Wellness

Benjamin Shepherd, MD

Anne Zuba, MSW, LCSW
Student Health and Wellness Counselor

In Crisis?

Students are routinely scheduled for the next available appointment during business hours. A student in crisis may be scheduled for an emergency office visit by one of our providers as needed. If you feel you are experiencing a crisis, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us as soon as possible at (815) 395-5870.


If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency and require services outside of Student Health and Wellness’s regular business hours, a number of resources are available to provide the support you need.


In the event of a life-threatening mental health emergency for which you require immediate emergency services, regardless of insurance coverage or proximity to where your home is, please dial 911 or go to the closest emergency room to receive immediate care.


If you believe that your concerns require immediate attention, but you do not feel that you need to be seen in person or require immediate emergency hospital care, please contact one of the crisis hotlines provided below for assistance:


(312) 996-5535
Sunday-Friday 6 p.m.-10 p.m.
The InTouch Hotline is a free crisis intervention, counseling and referral service offered to UIC students and members of the greater Chicagoland area. The InTouch Hotline is staffed by volunteers trained through the UIC Counseling Center Paraprofessional Program. Calls placed to the InTouch Hotline remain confidential and are treated in an objective, non-judgmental fashion.

Alternatively, you may call these hotlines available 24/7:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline
    (800) 273-8255
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry Hotline
    (312) 926-8100