Biomedical Sciences Research

It is here that vaccines — including the most popular vaccine for shingles used around the world by millions of people – are developed as well as new cancer detection and treatment methods. The researchers in the Regenerative Medicine and Disabilities Laboratory are studying innovative stem cell therapies for nervous system disorders and methods for making artificial joints less harmful and longer lasting. Immunotherapy, nanomedicine, molecular biology and a host of other scientific disciplines come together to create an environment where ground-breaking research can thrive. Other areas of research include:

  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Prostate cancer chemotherapy
  • Skin cancer research
  • Molecular biology
  • Immunology
  • Proteomics of infectious agents
  • Lung cancer biology
  • Vaccine development against microorganisms

Several of these projects involve international collaboration.

Faculty members have achieved an excellent reputation for significant contributions and leadership to scientific and professional societies at all levels of organization in our community, nationally and internationally.

Department of Biomedical Sciences