General Description of the M2 Year

The M2 year consists of 40 weeks of instruction in both basic science and clinical science disciplines, and includes year-long course work in pathology, pharmacology, medical microbiology, pathophysiology in clinical medicine, essentials of patient care and clinical skills. Students begin clinical training in the fall, initially focusing on taking patients’ histories and performing physical exams.
Course grades are based on five interdisciplinary progressional examinations, plus faculty evaluation of student performance in several other types of exercises, e.g., workshops and small groups. Standardized patients participate in formative exercises to teach students communication skills in the Essentials of Patient Care course, and in a summative head-to-toe physical exam assessment in the Clinical Skills course. M2 students must take USMLE Step 1 before beginning the M3-year clerkships. Most students sit for this exam in June.