Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity at the College of Medicine Rockford is part of the larger UI COM Diversity Mission. The office strives to achieve the goals of diversity and inclusion for the College of Medicine Rockford campus, which are consistent across campuses while working locally to implement programs.

Resources for Medicine and Medical Biotechnology Students:

The Office of Student Affairs for your program is a great resource for information on available campus resources; how to join or start a student organization; coping with academic issues; and how to report instances of discrimination, harassment, microaggressions and other concerning behavior. Other resources include:

Resources for Resident Physicians:

Resources for Staff and Faculty:

Your supervisor, department head, dean’s office and office of human resources on campus can provide information about many available resources for employees. Other resources include:

Students, staff and faculty can contact the Behavioral Intervention Team anonymously to report unusual behavior, such as signs of depression, concerning remarks or drastic changes in appearance of a member of the campus community that may indicate they need help or some kind of intervention. If you see something concerning early on and say something, you may be able to help someone before their behavior becomes harmful to themselves or others.


ADr. Alesia Joneslesia Jones, PhD
Interim Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion